November 8, 2018: Passing Time

I unexpectedly have lots of time at home this week. It’s these unexpected ‘time-off’ periods that make me value my ability to move about. Unfortunately, I can’t go anywhere at the moment. Yet I’m going a bit loopy staying in one room.

So, I’m keeping busy with NaNoWriMo. I usually wait until the evening to write, but having time during the day changes things a bit. I enjoy taking part in the sprint exercises on their Twitter account.

I’m also reading my Nurakami short story compilation. During my schedule in November, I only have time to write at the end of the day. Now with some extra time, I can get some reading in.

November 5, 2018: Write-Up of my NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 4

I’ve completed 4 days of NaNoWriMo. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve gotten this far! Of course I have a lonh way to go with my writing, and I’m not sure where my story is going. I’m having fun writing it though. I need to be wary of blood sugar lows impeding with my writing. Last night I was on a roll, then froze for a good half hour. I felt so overwhelmined that I wanted to just shut my laptop and call it a night. However, something told me to check my blood sugar…and it was low! So I took some glucose tablets, and after 10 minutes I was back to my laptop, writing away. That low sugar set me back a bit in time, but I completed my writing goal for the night.

In between the main writing periods, I’m making little notes on my characters. It’s quite enjoyable discovering my characters’ voices. Filling in their features and passions are quite entertaining.

November 3, 2018: NaNoWriMo goal

So relieved for the weekend! This month I took on a new writing activity, so it calls for managing my time more productively. I still can’t believe that I took on a third writing activity, yet I feel like I’m doing great with maintaining this journal for 2018, and my poetry blog. Having another writing project makes things interesting.

I kinda love the challenge. It certainly breaks things up from the usual prepping and planning for work, all day every day. I can prep and prepare for different characters for a change.