October Reading Blog #1/Blogtober Day 2

I began the month reading L.L. McKinney’s ‘A Dream So Dark’. I’m about halfway through, and I’m really enjoying the book so far! I really appreciate how McKinney expands on the world of Wonderland, and the many eccentric people and creatures Alice encounters along her journey. There’s also lots of tension taking place, and it’s definitely keeping me on edge!

I also read some poetry and prose from Lucille Clifton and Judith Ortiz Cofer. Thanks to the Poets House library in New York City, I had access to unlimited works of poetry. Visiting Poets House brings me back to those regular meetings with my poetry therapy mentor and community. We shared and learned so much with each other!

I hope your reading and writing is off to a promising start this month!

Autumn Goals!

Autumn is finally here!

As much as everyone dreads the arrival of Fall, I enjoy it! It’s the season right before everything is inundated with snowfall. Breezy again to wear a sweater, yet not to the point that you’re wearing three layers of clothes!

With the arrival of Autumn, here are three goals I want to accomplish:

My Pumpkin creation from 2013

Revive my crocheting passion
I needed to pause my crocheting last year due to a wrist injury, yet my left hand has healed to the point where I can complete a few rows a day with no pain. Now that this setback is subsided, I can now create Amigurumi (crocheted animals) once again! My end goal is to open my own Etsy shop with my creations, so I’ll see how that goes.

View from The Book Garden’s ‘First Friday’ poetry group, in Frenchtown

Attend local literary/crochet groups
My mainstay community will always by my poetry therapy group in New York City, yet it’s quiet during the autumn months, and I always have a difficult time seeking out local groups in my Central NJ town. That began to change in recent months! I became involved with a poetry group in Frenchtown, and last week I attended my first book group in Tewksbury. There’s also a regular yarn crafting group in the Flemington area for me to practice my skills! I’m so relieved that there are finally local groups in my area. Hopefully I can continue to attend.

Complete revising my draft
I have my 1st draft of a book completed (yay!), and now the painstaking process of changing things around begins. There’s always the tinkering with my main character, or the possibility of adding certain magical elements…which would change the who story around! I’ll get there…just need to get to that revising!

Happy First Day of Autumn!