End of Evening Thoughts: August 29

  • Andy is the most wonderful man. I wish I could always be in good spirits like him.
  • I hope Ana (my 3 year old niece) is speaking her mind to our grandmother. Watching her is like viewing a mini version of her mom…who’s going to be in big trouble soon! 
  • It would be awesome to have a lengthy talk with my uncle again. Next weekend, perhaps? 
  • Three days until the long weekend! Then visiting Mom, family in Paterson, and friends.
  • It’s been over a month since I saw my mom, and family. Really need to change that.
  • What I would give to speak to my mom again. I really need her right now. She was so resilient in times of hardship.
  • Don’t know what my group will try to pull tomorrow. Always an adventure with toddlers!


    East Coast Rainfall, Gulf Coast Disaster: August 29

    “You must never despair of human nature’.
    –Mahatma Ghandi


    Outside my window, I watch the steady rainfall coating my central NJ neighborhood. All is quiet as I do routine tasks: closing a P.O. Box, paying bills, etc. The TV is off, yet earlier I watched News 12 and the Weather Channel, viewing the tragic stories that Hurricane Harvey unleashed in Houston and Southeast Texas. Watching the anguish in families’ faces as they’re rescued, the extreme sadness. Years of memories It makes me think of my region’s ordeal when Sandy struck five years ago. I lived near Washington Heights at the time, and neighborhood didn’t suffer serious damage. For many people, however, the damage was widespread, as they spent days in shelters, while others who stayed in their homes endured power outages lasting for days.

    As I watch the coverage of Harvey’s wrath, I think about the sadness these evacuees are going through. How many of them were never told to leave their homes, only to watch water quickly take over their neighborhoods. While all of this is so devastating, many people are coming together to provide much needed supplies to those in need. People are doing their part to rescue the animals sadly left behind in Texas. In these distressing times, all we can do is come together and provide support to those in need.